MAC Installation Info

Mac OS Catalina and beyond require special access permissions to be granted to SexSim2 in order to run it.

1. The default ZIP unarchiver that comes with Mac will not work properly to unarchive this game, so please do the following...
2. You will need to use a free zip tool called "The Unarchiver". Search for it in the Apple Asset Store and then install it.
3. Once it's installed, right click (or CTRl+CLICK) on the installer file you can download from here.
4. Choose to "Open With" the program "The Unarchiver". This will unarchive the file.
5. Once it's been unarchived, drag the SexSim2 app into your Application folder, and run it.
6. The Mac will tell you it can't, due to security settings.
7. Next, open 'Preferences/Security and Privacy' on your Mac, then click the General tab.
8. Click the lock icon at the bottom of the window to allow editing, then enter your password.
9. Click to allow your Mac to open SexSim2, and then close the window.
10. You should now be able to run the game on your Mac. Have fun!